The Integrated Supply

  • Internet and its strategic use

    Firms are increasingly approaching these new instruments, but their spread is somehow being slowed down by the limited number of services which are actually useful for the fulfillment of daily duties.

    UNITEC has created these services.

    It is possible to handle the supplying process in a custom-made way , via internet... and even from home.

    It is possible to manage one's own warehouse by making it accessible to all the internal users , re-integrating at the same time the stocks even from far away located suppliers, obtaining like this an INTEGRATED SUPPLY.

  • Nowadays it is possible:

    To reduce your own stocks by "increasing" them logistically by sharing virtual warehouses with other users of this revolutionary service.

    To control, with a complete tracking via internet, all the current activities: delivery terms, delivery notes, prices, invoices, transportation...

    To receive a complete report, even with a real time up-date, that can be consulted anywhere and at any time.

    For those who are interested, upon request only, UNITEC can provide a test-access to an operating service.