The Integrated Supply

  • The logic

    The simple logic of the solution, the immediacy of the economic results and the drastic drop in handling costs can be represented graphically.

    The more the supplying process is handled with the method of the INTEGRATED SUPPLY, the greater the economic results are.

    The application of this logic transforms costs into resources.
  • The method

    It is as easy as its logic.

    The several single communications about needed items are conveyed towards the provider, who summarizes the performed activities into a "single" document. This way it is possible to reduce hundreds of incoming invoices into a "single one", coming from the provider. This consolidation process includes all documents and procedures that precede the invoicing.

  • The Implementation

    It is the customer who decides to which extent he requires the service, according to his strategies of optimization and re-engineering of procedures. There are analytical references that show several approach methodologies, in consideration of the size of the firm and of the time-frame needed.