The Integrated Supply

  • As a guarantee...the technologies

    Guaranteeing customer's choices is a main and paramount commitment of Unitec's. The implementation of the integration model that is outlined with the customer is supported by advanced information technologies that enable a constant observation of the process being handled.

    For this purpose UNITEC has its own team of programmers, who develop continuously new information technology solutions. This guarantees promptness in replying and independence.

    The internal organizational model and the information technology means have contributed to the achievement of the "PAPERLESS OFFICE".

  • And... the electronic communications

    Following the progress of electronic communications, UNITEC has created its own internet provider in order to be able to manage and use the electronic communication technologies to make customer service even more efficient. These technologies allow us to reduce remarkably the material paper flow of documents, to substitute gradually telephone and telefax and to grant a 24-hour-service which can be utilized from any place in the world.